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1. Product Brief / Summary

KickCity as an Event platform
KickCity is an existing event platform that focuses on community building and social interactions. Funded by angels and founders, KickCity has been bootstrapped for the past 1.5 years. The company has built revolutionary products for the event space and its currently generating revenue.

• Event & Discover web-pages (adaptive);
• Admin Panel — used by event organizers/vendors for effective ticket sales & data analysis;
• Social focused app for users to interact while attending and discovering events (iOS & Android);
• Artificial intelligence algorithm for event recommendation based on user behavior on the platform and on other social networks;
• Extensive sales tools for event organizers. These include integrations, email campaigns, promocodes, partner-links, sales widget etc;
• Accepts FIAT and Bitcoins for ticket purchase.

KickCity and Blockchain Technology
We are building a decentralized reward-based event marketing protocol on blockchain. Having worked with many event organizers, it became obvious that their biggest problem is selling tickets or getting registration. We are solving this problem by creating incentives. Rewarding anyone to promote events. This simply means that users can invite their friends and when their friends buy tickets, they earn Tokens (Cryptocurrency), while the user who bought ticket gets a kind of cash back — motivation to buy more tickets on KickCity platform. KCY tokens can be used to buy tickets on the platform and can also be converted to FIAT.

KickCity subsequently creates employment by giving everyone the opportunity to earn. Basically, we share marketing budget among users instead ofmining user-data like existing platforms (Facebook, Google CPA adds).

Achievements Worth Mentioning

• Y Combinator Startup School — learnt a lot about product building;
• Microsoft Bootcamp Helsinki ;
• Grant from NewCo & Government of Helsinki;
• Angel investment;
• We are generating revenue.

2. Statistics & Numbers

• +70 000 users;
• +5000 tickets sold;
• A lot of happy organizers;
• 2 sad organizers (working on it);
• Revenue sheet from 1 quarter (note that the these revenue is without marketing);
• Working at Russia (St. Petersburg & Moscow), Finland (Helsinki), USA (Houston, TX).

Future 1 (without incentive based algorithm)


Future 2 (with incentive based algorithm)


• Exponetioant growth of users, this means more valuation for the company;
• Exponential growth of event vendors , more revenue for the company;
• Exponential growth of KickCity Tokens (KCY);
• More token profit and growth as other event companies use our protocols for incentive based marketing;
• Expecting more than 5 million users due to vitality of network effect.

Token Economy
KCY tokens will be the fuel of KickCity incentive based protocol for event marketing. Any user can earn KCY tokens by inviting friends to take a specific action (buy ticket or register). Once this goal is achieved, the user gets rewarded with KCY tokens while his friends get rewarded with a kind of cash back — a motivation to continue using KickCity platform. Users can spend the tokens within the platform to buy tickets or receive extra value determined by our partners. KCY token has direct liquidity to ETH and BNT through BNT. KickCity is running on Bancor protocols which provides liquidity. This is very important as not all end users know how to trade in the exchanges but would love to convert their token to FIAT.

Event organizers (vendors) specify the number of KCY tokens that can be used for event promotion. They have the freedom to allocate a total number of tokens which can be shared among users after marketing campaign or allocates a specific number of KCY tokens a user can earn for each successful invitation. Vendors can buy KCY tokens in exchange. Most event vendors do not know how cryptocurrency exchanges operate. For this reason, we allow vendors to allocated a percentage of his revenue from ticket sales for incentive based marketing. KickCity allocated KCY tokens to such events and retains the FIAT revenue.

Network Token for Incentive Based Marketing
KickCity will provide its protocol to many event companies for better marketing on their platforms. These platforms will benefit by having better result and revenue. This will great more demand for KCY tokens resulting to a potential rise of the value of KCY tokens. 1.99% of all transactions are used to buy back KCY tokens. this also can influence the value of KCY tokens while generating more revenue for the company and investors.

KickCity (ver 2.0) — Decentralized Events and Communities

Using proof of stake protocols, KickCity will provide a platform for first ever decentralized events, where users can contribute to the planning / organization of events that they are interested in. KCY tokens will be the fuel of the voting mechanism. Users with the most consensuses get rewarded for contributing positively to event planning.

3. KCY vs. BTC

• Benefit — the desire to earn is a core human trait. Everyone loves to earn. Statistics has shown that more people bought Bitcoin this year than ever before and most of these people are joining because they see an opportunity to earn. KCY tokens will allow anyone to earn. Providing an easier and wider funnel for end users to join crypto transactions.

• Network Effect — the rise in the value of BTC can be attributed to network effect (watch video). BTC obeys Metcalfe Law while KickCity will show a great example of Reed’s Law. More engagement results to greater value.

• Physical backup — Bitcoin gained reasonable traction due to its hardware mining. KCY tokens will be supported by physical presence of people who attend events after conversion through the protocols.

Why BlockChain for Reward Protocols?

A reward system just like any other thing can be built without Blockchain technology but there is significant advantage of using Blockchain technology. We use smart contracts to handle unlimited number of transactions and pay out rewards. Without this tech. the number of people that can participate in reward or partnership promotion is limited, transactions are done manually, presences of error, trust issues. KickCity protocol is fixing all these issues and the same time providing employment to many people.

Why Events?

  1. Vitality & Community — people naturally invite friends to events. This is an industry built around communities. By reward people for what they have been doing for free, KCY will have quick market penetration and growth. Each event is an opportunity to grow the demand for the tokens. Tickets to 50 Cent’s concert are all sold out though word-of mouth. Doing a couple of events with these celebrities will drive the value KCY up.

  2. For the past 1.5 years, KickCity has built amazing products in the event space. Working on disrupting marketing in event industry. Already working products. We are ready with products to make this happen. Not MVP but tested products with revenue.

4. Bonus

Here’s the first look at the updated Event Page with reward-based promotion. There’re more cool things coming soon. Stay tuned and join the Whitelist here. Also join our community chat on Telegram.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article and should NOT be viewed as an endorsement by EtherWorld. Readers are requested to do their own research before investing into any project.

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