An excellent opportunity for JS developers to contribute in Ethereum, an open source blockchain technology to learn, understand and part of the ecosystem. Contributing to ethereumjs-vm is a great way to become familiar with core Ethereum development and the EVM. The learning curve for this project is relatively gentle.

Ethereumjs-vm is widely used in the Dapp development ecosystem. Some popular tools, such as Remix and TestRPC, depend on ethereumjs-vm. In order for these tools to maintain compatibility with the Ethereum chain, it is important that ethereumjs-vm be kept up-to-date. At present, R&D efforts have been split between progress on Ethereum WebAassembly (ewasm) (aka "EVM 2.0") on the one hand, and maintenance updates to ethereumjs-vm (EVM 1.0) on the other, so the EthereumJS team is seeking contributors to help cover this gap. The goal is for ethereumjs-vm to achieve Metropolis compatibility.

Why would you volunteer?

When any team or organization is looking to hire, the top candidates are those who have already made contributions to the repo. Ethereum JS Team want to encourage new devs and contributors, who are then good candidates for funding or hiring, whether from the EF or other companies in the ecosystem.

To get started, take a look at the pull requests and join the chat.

Video walkthroughIntro to Core Development with Ethereumjs-vm

Source: Reddit

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