BlockAction, is an open source platform which aims at mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrency. BlockAction provides a simplified interface to use blockchain transaction.

Key Features

  • Opensource

  • Client side wallet

  • User friendly interface

  • Instantaneous transaction of money

  • Send email to request cryptocurrency

  • No need to visit any other website to view transaction status

BlockAction.io is a multi currency wallet available on testnet since September 30, 2017 for users feedback -

  • Ethereum - Kovan Testnet

  • Bitcoin - Block Explorer

In an effort to earn users trust, we've provided the code open for all to review at GitHub.

Visit http://blockaction.io and let us know your valuable feedback. To get test BTC and test ETH, please join Slack. Follow us at Twitter, Facebook. You can reach us at contact@blockaction.io.

Disclaimer: BlockAction is a project by founder of EtherWorld.co. This press release can be viewed as an endorsement by EtherWorld.

For more updates, technical blogs and general discussion on blockchain technology & Ethereum, please join us at Website, Reddit, Facebook, Medium, Steemit and Twitter. Feel free to email your suggestions.

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