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Pooja holds a Master's degree in Commerce and Business Administration with a Bachelor's in Computer Application. Having experiences in Business Development in Quality Certification, she spent a few years in Project Management working at Accenture, India. Being a wife and mother, she took some time to spend with family and explored South America (Ecuador).

After moving to United States, she ran into Ethereum in 2016 and started studying Ethereum, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Perusing her interest in technology and knowledge sharing, is founded. It's an effort to create a blockchain community hub of news, technical blogs and upcoming projects; basically everything anyone in cryptocurrency space needs to know.

Expanding the horizon in blockchain technology, she founded and introduced a new project It offers one of the most secured Cryptocurrency Wallet of BTC and ETH and blockchain transaction to the users. This is currently in Beta Phase and available on test net of Ethereum and Bitcoin.

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"I think that at Etherworld, there is ample opportunity to study and learn new things. I can explore subjects on my own as well take the help of fellow learners. This is a venture that focuses on learning and not just material gains and I would like to be a part of it so as to increase my skills as an individual and also to contribute something worthwhile to the company. I intend to work hard and make progress by understanding how the technology works and also by implementing them in any way possible."

Education: BE Computer Science and Engineering
Skills: C, C++, Java, C#, Python, JavaScript, HTML CSS

Education : 2nd year of B.Tech (Computer Science Engineering)
Skills : Python, C, C++, Web Development(Front End + Back End)
Blockchain related work : Working on a project to design my own cryptocurrency with a couple of friends.
Projects & Interests : (1)Made a compression algorithm of my own in C
by encrypting data.
(2) Made a love calculator of my own in Python.
(3) Developed Websites for my college's fest and TEDx event.
(4) Created an employee database for storing employee database using
PHP and MySQL which also consisted of login and log out pages.

Twitter: @nair_ayush
Education: B.Tech (Computer Science and Engineering)
Skills: C, C++, Java, Python, Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro, MS Office

LinkedIn: nikshith-kolanu
GitHub: kolanu-nikshith
Medium: @nkreddy100
Education: B.E 3rd year (Computer Science).

Education: B.E. (Computer Science)
Skills: Programming - C, C++ and Java.​
OS: Windows and Linux.
●Good at writing Algorithms.
●Fast at learning new things.
●Basic Cyber Security Knowledge
●Good Soft Skills

Education: Bachelor's in Arts (Mass Communication).

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